With ever changing technologies, companies must design scaleable and adaptable network infrastructures that allow for change and compatibility. While network designs of every imaginable configuration have been deployed, a company's network must perform far beyond mere connectivity. Speed, reliability, future scalability, security, and interchangeability are but a few requirements of today's hardware.

Icom Solutions has been offering network solutions that integrate Internet business solutions with multifaceted business strategies and goals. Our engineers are ever mindful of security, reliability, and interoperability when offering network solutions.

LAN / WAN - We take an analytical approach to your current systems architecture and design from end to end, to offer seamless communication integrating disperate systems across wide area networks to address the complexities of unlike LAN systems communicating within a company's infrastructure.

Different operating systems, proprietary software, non-uniform hardware, and different designs can cause challenges to the most skilled IT team.
  1. Site evaluation, documentation, and recommendations of existing networks.
  2. State of the art reporting
  3. Execution of action plans to correct deficiencies discovered during onsite evaluations.

Wireless - We offer solutions to the new wave of wireless networks. With PDAs, laptops, and wireless peripherals becoming more commonplace in today networks we keep our technicians and engineers up to date with these new technologies.