A Hot Spot is a location where users can access the Internet using Wi-Fi laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Access may be provided free or for a fee. Hotspots are often found at coffee shops, hotels, airport lounges, train stations, convention centers, gas stations, truck stops and other public meeting areas. Corporations and campuses often offer it to visitors and guests. Hotspot service is sometimes available aboard planes, trains and boats.

How do you deploy HOTSPOTS in Hotels ?

Wireless Access Point / s is placed in key locations in your hotel. Guests with wireless devices may connect wirelessly to the internet through the AP.

Additionally, Wireless to Ethernet adapters are available (sold separately) for each room to accommodate guests without a wireless adaptor. This will allow them connectivity using a standard Ethernet adaptor.

What's offered in our HSIA Solutions

When it comes to High-speed Internet service , we can help you give your business travelers what they expect:

50-100X faster than dial-up

Very fast and reliable Internet access will ensure return guests. We can utilize either a wireless or wired solution depending on your business needs, and plug in seamlessly with your existing communications infrastructure.
Get the right mix of appropriate technology, security, plug-and-play, service and support.

Always-On, Plug-and-Surf

Our High-speed Internet solutions require no dialing in or special software or drivers. This ensures that your guests will be able to access the Internet right away, upon entering their room.

Customize the service of each room - Our HSIA solutions are designed to work specifically in a hospitality environment so that we can provide a completely manageable solution.

If you decide to bill your guests for usage of the Internet access, you can take advantage of the billing module that is optional in our HSIA solutions. This way you can control access for any given room in your hotel. This will allow you to request that access be turned off if the guest has not paid their bill, or even allow "VIP" guests free access if you wish. There will be no additional training with your staff to achieve this, as we will have support staff available 24/7 to assist when needed.

Easy Billing

Customized Billing - Even custom billing options can be set for various levels of Internet connectivity. With this in mind, we can create a billing option any person or Company. We can also set duration so that guest's can pay for their HSIA on a per hour/per day/per week/etc. basis.

Seamless installation

WiFi Technologies will allow you to obtain HSIA services without re-wiring your entire facility.

Keeping your guests safe

The Internet poses various dangers to users computers and personal information.

Our HSIA solutions include protective measures such as firewalls and packet filtering that will secure your hotel's overall network as well as its end-users.