What is Wi-Fi ?

Wi Fi is the commonly used term for Wireless Fidelity or Wireless Internet. It basically means that you can connect to the internet without the need for any wires or cabling

How do I access Wi-Fi ?

To access Wi-Fi, you need to have a Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop or PDA). These devices can send and receive data wirelessly from any location equipped with Wi-Fi access. The data is transmitted over an RF signal from an 'Access Point' installed within a Wi-Fi Zone.

Some service providers or aggregators claim that you can join their networks instead of setting one up yourselves. What are the differences then ?

In most cases, you sacrifice the ownership of your “airspace”. You will have much less flexibility on the welcome page (such as deleting their logos, including your own logo). Also, the service providers or aggregators will need to charge considerable access fee (to make profit) to the end-users, which limits the usefulness of the whole Wi-Fi Hotspot. Instead, Icom Solutions ( Air Wave ) gives you unprecedented control over your Wi-Fi Hotspots.

What is wrong with Wi-Fi in a visitor-based network or hotspot environment ?

• No authentication mechanism
• No access control support (such as timeout, logout)
• No exception free web sites
• No usage reporting for billing, tracking
• No mechanism to charge users
• No way to push personalized content (e.g. advertisement) to end-users
• The Wi-Fi hotspot owners or operators need to prevent themselves from liable for the network abuse. Even for free access, the operators usually want to present a web page and require the end user to accept a user agreement.

How about the network ownership ?

Icom Solutions is a technology provider, period. We do not own your network in any way. We believe the "airspace" ownership should belong to the premises owner and no one else.